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Knitting, spinning, ukulele, vegetarian cooking, photography, a perpetually-napping black Lab, and a little bit of sailing. Occasionally some discussion about living with fibromyalgia. I live in Seattle, with my family.


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Wednesday L Dock BBQ with a bunch of fellow hams (amateur radio). I’m waiting on my roasted corn on the cob! Yum! (at Shilshole Bay Marina)

Kayaking kitty! @ Dave & Sam’s (at Shilshole Bay Marina)

My best decision about handling email yet…

I know a lot of people already do this, but here it is: I finally made another Gmail account for newsletters, email discussion lists, Facebook mail, and every other misc. thing that comes through. 

I’ve seen recommendations for something like this in the past, but then I also saw a lot of commentary that argued it was unnecessary, given Gmail’s stellar organizing capabilities. You can tag/flag/funnel any message into any folder, so technically you need never have to have your InBox littered with anything you don’t want. 


Except that, I’ve been finding that my Gmail searches for important information often become very diluted by all the superfluous conversations that have nothing to do with me.

For example, a couple days ago I was trying to find the hotel where Greg and I stayed for VegFest Portland a couple years ago. We want to stay there again this year. But I couldn’t find it because all my searches just turned up a thousand different email discussions over the years on various lists where someone had mentioned the word “hotel”. 

Not to mention, it’s just hard to keep up with all the filtering necessary to keep the InBox clean. You pay for one cupcake somewhere and email yourself the receipt, and suddenly you’re on the email list for all cupcakes in Seattle, and there are a lot of very busy cupcakes in Seattle. 

SO. I made a new Gmail address, and in that went everything I’ve every Yahoo Group I’ve ever joined (about a million - I have a lot of hobbies, don’t judge me), my Facebook email (I’m an admin for a group that sees a lot of traffic, but there are whole weeks where I don’t need to read it), Freecycle mail, local conservation groups, travel news, Google alerts, and newsletters for all the places and business I do want to keep up on (I just want to choose when I do so).

Within 48 hours of its creation, that email account was packed full. I couldn’t believe how full. And it was so nice to have it all in an entirely other account, all of it at roughly the same level of importance, so I didn’t have the extra chore of sorting and making new filters (my original account has probably a hundred filters that I can now mostly delete). 

I’m finding that, with my original personal account freed up, and all the newsletter/misc stuff in another account, I’m reading more email in each account. Win/win! If you’ve ever thought about doing this but thought it would be too much work; the work is worth it. Go for it! 

Oh and about the “illustration” at the top - I drew that - if you can call that drawing. I’ve read that Tumblr doesn’t cancel accounts lightly, but when it does, it’s often for copyright violations. I figure from now on, instead of fishing the internet for illustrations or icons that I assume/hope are free to use, I’ll play it safe and start inserting more of my own little doodles. I’ve seen other people do this and I love seeing their drawings. 

Greg staves off pre-movie boredom by playing with his phone. ME TOO. Btw: we are seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. I feel safer already. (at Majestic Bay Theatres)

It’s a good thing we got here early to avoid the crowds. (at Majestic Bay Theatres)

I don’t usually like to post or look at rapidly-moving gifs. It hurts my brain. However, this one was too good to pass up. 

(via berriesflowersandsparkles)

Shirts for people with fibromyalgia. The first one is my favorite. 

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Lap dog. Cuddling with Miles before he goes (I think Bo can tell the kids are leaving). #xs #bodhi #sleepydog

This is the first Tiny House in which I could truly see myself very happy. I’ve always loved tiny homes and I think I’d probably be happy in a lot of them, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen with a roof patio, which just looks awesome. I know I could live here very happily. I’d put a telescope on the deck, and a nice to chair to knit in. Now if we could float this on a houseboat pad and moor it somewhere on the water in Seattle….all the better. 

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Popped Quinoa Chocolate Crispy Cakes

Going to have to try this! Nom. 

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This is one of the sweetest yoga pictures I’ve ever seen! Look at the expression on that little girl’s face! And if I’m not mistaken, that’s a ukulele on the floor. 


(via fuckyeahyoga)

HEADE, Martin Johnson

Approaching Storm: Beach near Newport
Oil on canvas, 71 x 148 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Great guide! Saving this for later. 

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