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Knitting, spinning, ukulele, vegetarian cooking, photography, a perpetually-napping black Lab, and a little bit of sailing. Occasionally some discussion about living with fibromyalgia. I live in Seattle, with my family.


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Oliver Reginald Kirkpatrick got his nails clipped today.

I’m weaving, yo! That squeal of joy you hear is me with my loom and shuttles! (at The Fiber Gallery)

Weaving class! I just made my first warp! Storm blue and a little grey at the end. (at The Fiber Gallery)

He’ll be a big 3yo in December but he still parks it like a puppy. #bodhi

The Quiet American, gorgeous music. (at Nectar Lounge)

Uke heaven! #ukulele (at Nectar Lounge)

Greg and I have to put up with these crazy people all day. (at Tacos Guaymas)

<3 #SOCCER (at Greenlake Park)

Beth has her first soccer game!! (at Greenlake Park)

Once again - I normally hate the rapid-fire gifs, but as one commenter said: Where has this information been all my life? 

(via veganfoody)

My friend Tric and I went to lunch (delicious vegan tacos!) and her pup got sleepy, so we put down our two @tombihn Daylight Backpacks, and he curled up on them like a little bed. So cute! (at El Borracho del Norte)

Bo, waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. #sleepydog #bodhi

Wednesday L Dock BBQ with a bunch of fellow hams (amateur radio). I’m waiting on my roasted corn on the cob! Yum! (at Shilshole Bay Marina)

Kayaking kitty! @ Dave & Sam’s (at Shilshole Bay Marina)

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